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Campfire in Forest

real warriors know how to have fun!

The Owl  Motto is: 

"An Owl embodies his JOYFUL NATURE through Courage, Strength, and Mastery."

That's right, his NATURE is JOY. 

Well, how do we get there? 

It's not all about fun. It's not all about ease. What we teach here at The Owls is that Self-Discipline and Accountability to higher standards are the keys to self-respect, which opens the doors to increased capacity for joy. 


So, as we work hard every day on The Game - our system for implementing self-mastery - we also look forward to association with other men and young men who are also on the path to healthy Masculinity. 


Here are some pics of good young men having a good time between Warrior Calls (which happen every Monday night)! 

Become a mentor


From "Becoming Your Own Hero" -
Our Opening Ceremony Weekend
From our "Wildhorse Lake"
Big Trip!
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