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Campfire in Forest

Hold yourself to a higher standard

We consider it a sacred responsibility to mentor young men, and show by example the path to becoming a good, mature man. Young men today have an incredible array of voices pulling them in many different directions. Many of the most talented ones are uncertain of where to go to hone their skills. 

In The Owls: A Warrior Society,” we seek to present legitimate tools they can use to succeed in life. These tools take the form of higher standards than they are currently being required to embody. 

We provide a safe place for participants to succeed with humility and grace, as well as a place to learn from failure. 

Become a mentor

“The Owls: A Warrior Society” was formed to support young men between the ages of 13-18 who:

  • Know what they want out of life (or want to find out);

  • Don’t expect success to be handed to them;

  • Believe they are here on Earth to achieve great things;

  • Are willing to work to make a positive impact on their communities; 

  • Want to experience legitimate rites of passage into manhood;

  • Are courageous enough to attempt great things, even though they may initially fail;

  • Are willing to let Wilderness be one of their teachers; 

  • Aren't afraid of new challenges!


Are you ready to Warrior?

about the owls

Grilled Fish

Become a great horned owl

We need men who are willing to commit to adopting the same standards, and then be willing to teach the rising generation how to live them. And what are those standards?

Our motto is: “An Owl embodies his Joyful Nature through Courage, Strength, and Mastery.”


Additionally, the Owl Code is, “An Owl is Honest-Consistent-Available-Aware-Respectful-Humble-Healthy-Helpful-Strong-And an Owl has Integrity.”


In today’s world, this is a tall order. 

We don’t expect perfection along these lines, but we do expect sustained effort. We also recognize that no man is an island and that many of us weren’t taught these standards. So, we offer accountability, motivational assets, rites of passage, and (at this point) free individual coaching to help each GHO or prospective GHO to be the best they can be in order to qualify to serve the upcoming generation.


Remember the old saying,

"If you don'T stand for something, you'll fall for anything"?

we do. here's what we stand for!


our standards

the owl motto:

an owl embodies his joyful nature though courage, strenth, and mastery.

the owl code:

an owl is honest - consistent - available - aware - respectful - humble - healthy - helpful - strong... an an owl has integrity!
If you feel called to help young men to be their best and to reach their potential, and if you're committed to leading the way... please reach out!
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